This article is a list of fictional characters who appear in the Mai-HiME anime series.

Fuka Academy students Edit

High school Edit

First year students Edit

Mai Tokiha (鴇羽 舞衣 Tokiha Mai?)
Mai is a recent transfer student to Fuka Academy and the heroine. She takes part-time jobs as a hobby and to support herself and her brother Takumi.
Natsuki Kuga (玖我 なつき Kuga Natsuki?)
Natsuki is a loner and truant who seeks revenge against the First District. She ends up working with Mai and Mikoto.
Yuichi Tate (楯 祐一 Tate Yūichi?)
Yuichi is the first Fuka Academy student Mai meets, and is often at odds with her. He assists the student council.
Miyu Greer (深優・グリーア Miyu Gurīa?)
Miyu is the adopted daughter of Joseph Greer who doesn't show her emotions except around Alyssa Searrs.
Chie Harada (原田 千絵 Harada Chie?)
Chie is a rumormonger and usually has a cell phone in hand. She teams with Aoi to make Mai mad or embarrassed.
Akane Higurashi (日暮 あかね Higurashi Akane?)
Akane is one of Mai's coworkers who is fairly bashful. She is Kazuya Kurauchi's girlfriend.
Sayuri Ichinose (市ノ瀬 小百合 Ichinose Sayuri?)
Shino is part of a trio of friends with Yayoi and Miya.
Yukino Kikukawa (菊川 雪之 Kikukawa Yukino?)
Yukino is the introverted secretary of the Fuka Academy student council. She is a longtime friend and supporter of Haruka Suzushiro.
Kazuya Kurauchi (倉内 和也 Kurauchi Kazuya?)
Kazuya is Mai's classmate and coworker, and Akane Higurashi's boyfriend.
Yayoi Ota (太田 弥生 Ota Yayoi?)
Yayoi is very short, and has a sort of admiration for Akira Okuzaki. She is usually seen with Sayuri and Miya.
Aoi Senoh (瀬能 あおい Senō Aoi?)
Aoi enjoys teasing Mai with Chie Harada. She is also fond of cute younger students.
Miya Suzuki (鈴木 美也 Suzuki Miya?)
Miya is part of a trio of friends with Yayoi and Sayuri.

Third year students Edit

Shizuru Fujino (藤乃 静留 Fujino Shizuru?)
Shizuru is the calm president of the Fuka Academy student council. She often has a tea cup in hand and has a distinctive Kyoto accent.
Reito Kanzaki (神崎 黎人 Kanzaki Reito?)
Reito is the vice president of the Fuka Academy student council. He is quite popular with the female students and is interested in Mai.
Haruka Suzushiro (珠洲城 遥 Suzushiro Haruka?)
Haruka is the hotheaded executive director of the Fuka Academy student council. She is Yukino's best friend and Shizuru's rival.
Masashi Takeda (武田 将士 Takeda Masashi?)
Masashi is the kendo club captain who wants Yuichi back on the team. He is attracted to Natsuki despite her rejection.

Middle school Edit

Mikoto Minagi (美袋 命 Minagi Mikoto?)
Mikoto is a physically strong, naïve girl who is quite attached to Mai and her cooking. She carries her sword, Miroku, around with her.
Shiho Munakata (宗像 詩帆 Munakata Shiho?)
Shiho is the childhood friend of Yuichi Tate and refers to him as her brother. She is very possessive of Yuichi and is at odds with Mai.
Akira Okuzaki (尾久崎 晶 Okuzaki Akira?)
Akira is Takumi's roommate and the most popular student of his class. Akira avoids Takumi at first but eventually warms up to him.
Takumi Tokiha (鴇羽 巧海 Tokiha Takumi?)
Takumi is Mai's younger brother who suffers from a heart condition. He is often seen with his roommate, Akira Okuzaki.
Nao Yuuki (結城 奈緒 Yūki Nao?)
Nao is a morally ambivalent Fuka Academy middle school student who robs perverted men.

Grade school Edit

Alyssa Searrs (アリッサ・シアーズ Arissa Shiazu?)
Also called the "Golden Angel", Alyssa is the star of Fuka Academy's choir. She tends to be shy around everyone but Miyu.

Fuka Academy staff Edit

Joseph Greer (ジョセフ・グリーア Josefu Gurīa?)
Father Greer is the priest at the Fuka Academy church.
Fumi Himeno (姫野 二三 Himeno Fumi?)
Fumi is Mashiro's maid and confidante, often seen at her side.
Wataru Ishigami (石上 亘 Ishigami Wataru?)
Ishigami is an art teacher who enjoys painting portraits.
Kaiji Sakomizu (迫水 開治 Sakomizu Kaiji?)
Sakomizu is a teacher easily identified by his afro. He enjoys gardening and serves as an informant to Natsuki.
Mashiro Kazahana (風花 真白 Kazahana Mashiro?)
Mashiro is the young director of Fuka Academy. She is confined to a wheelchair.
Yukariko Sanada (真田 紫子 Sanada Yukariko?)
Sister Yukariko is a nun at the Fuka Academy church. She gives advice to students who come to the church.
Yoko Sagisawa (鷺沢 陽子 Sagisawa Yoko?)
Yoko is the school nurse and a friend of Midori's from college.
Midori Sugiura (杉浦 碧 Sugiura Midori?)
Midori is a former coworker of Mai's and an avid archeologist who later becomes Mai's homeroom teacher.

Others Edit

Nagi Homura' (炎 凪?)
Nagi is a mysterious boy who possesses clandestine knowledge about the HiMEs and their true purpose.
John Smith (ジョン・スミス Jon Sumisu?)
John Smith works for the Searrs Foundation. His job is to tie up loose ends previously made by Searrs.
Yamada (ヤマダ?)
Yamada is an information broker whom Natsuki uses.
First District
The First District is an organization that is responsible for gathering the HiMEs to the Academy.
Searrs Foundation
The Searrs Foundation is an ancient organization disguised as a U.S. corporation, attempting to gain the power of the HiMEs.

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