This article is a list of fictional characters who appear in the My-Otome anime series.

Garderobe Academy (ガルデローベ学園) Edit

Coral Otome(コーラル・オトメ) Edit

  • Arika Yumemiya (アリカ・ユメミヤ?) - A main character of My-Otome. She enters Garderobe dreaming of becoming an Otome like her mother. She possesses the Blue Sky Sapphire, a memento from her mother. Template:Anime voices
  • Nina Wáng (ニナ・ウォン Nina Won?) - A main character of My-Otome. As the top Coral student, Nina dreams to become a great Otome to make Sergay, her adoptive father, proud. She dislikes Arika from the moment they meet. Template:Anime voices
  • Erstin Ho (エルスティン・ホー Erusutin Hō?) - Arika's and Nina's roommate, from the country of Annan. Erstin mostly serves as a bridge between Arika and Nina, who don't get along very well. Template:Anime voices
  • Irina Woods (イリーナ・ウッズ Irīna Uzzu?) - Irina is one of Arika's friends from the Aries Republic. She shows a love for technology and is under the tutelage of Yohko. Template:Anime voices
  • Tomoe Marguerite (トモエ・マルグリット Tomoe Maruguritto?) - She is Coral No. 2 and a room attendant for Chie. On the outside she acts normal but is jealous of Arika's and Shizuru's relationship. Template:Anime voices
  • Lilie Adean (リリエ・アディーン Ririe Adīn?) - Lilie is a member of Arika's class and one of Chie's room attendants. She, Miya and Yayoi are always hanging out together. She and Yayoi become honorary Maki Maki members by Shiho. She is possibly the My-Otome incarnation of My-HiME character Sayuri Shino. Template:Anime voices
  • Yayoi Alter (ヤヨイ・オールター Yayoi Ōrutā?) - Another of Shiho's attendants and a girl with a very overactive imagination. She's from Lutetia Romulus. She and Lilie are made honorary Maki Maki members by Shiho. Template:Anime voices
  • Miya Clochette (ミーヤ・クロシェット Mīya Kuroshetto?) - One of Shiho's room attendants. She is close friends with Tomoe. Template:Anime voices

Pearl Otome Edit

  • Akane Soir (アカネ・ソワール Akane Sowāru?) - The top Pearl student and leader of the Trias. She becomes torn between her love for Kazuya and her dreams of becoming a Meister Otome. The GEM she receives upon appointment as Meister is the Pure Heart Malachite (清恋の孔雀石 Seiren no Kujakuishi?). Template:Anime voices
  • Chie Hallard (チエ・ハラード Chie Harādo?) - Chie is Pearl number two and a member of the Trias. She is very boyish and often carries a blue rose around. Template:Anime voices
  • Shiho Huit (シホ・ユイット Shiho Yuitto?) - Shiho is Pearl number three and the last member of the Trias. She is from Cardair. She is usually seen conspiring to get revenge on everyone else by using a strange voodoo doll. Template:Anime voices
  • Juliet Nao Zhang (ジュリエット・ナオ・チャン Jurietto Nao Chan?) - Pearl number four. She hails from Artai. She is a laid-back person, usually skipping classes and sneaking off of campus. However, she has been appointed as one of the Five Columns near the important part of the anime series. Template:Anime voices

Campus Administration Edit

  • Natsuki Kruger (ナツキ・クルーガー Natsuki Kurūgā?) - The Headmistress of Garderobe and #2 of the Five Columns. She handles Garderobe's affairs and is the one who directly deals with the heads of state. Her GEM is the Ice Silver Crystal (氷雪の銀水晶 Hyōsetsu no Ginsuishō?). Template:Anime voices
  • Shizuru Viola (シズル・ヴィオーラ Shizuru Viōra?) - #3 of the Five Columns, known as the Bewitching Smile Amethyst (嬌嫣の紫水晶 Kyōen no Murasakisuishō?). She acts as an assistant (AKA Deputy Head Mistress) to Natsuki. Template:Anime voices
  • Maria Graceburt (マリア・グレイスバート Maria Gureisubāto?) - An inactive Meister Otome serving as part of Garderobe's upper administration. Strict and often-unsmiling, Miss Maria is feared by the students and even the other faculty members. She is from Old Lutesia and wears the Eternal Recurrence Jasper (久遠の碧玉 Kuon no Hekigyoku?). Template:Anime voices
  • Yukariko Steinberg (ユカリコ・シュタインベルグ Yukariko Shutainberugu?) - The homeroom teacher for Nina and Arika as well as a Meister Otome. She is from Florince and wears the Dazzling Mirage Lapis Lazuli (幻惑の瑠璃 Genwaku no Ruri?). Template:Anime voices
  • Yohko Helene (ヨウコ・ヘレネ Yōko Herene?) - Much like her My-HiME counterpart, Yohko Sagisawa, she's the Chief Medical Officer and the Director of Science Department of Garderobe, who is in charge of handling the technology that gives the Otome their powers. She has some past relationship with Aswad. Template:Anime voices
  • Fumi Himeno (フミ・ヒメノ?) - The first Otome who lived 300 years ago and possessed the ultimate GEM, the Pure White Diamond (真白なる金剛石 Mashiro naru Kongōseki?). She is the source of power for the Otome at Garderobe.
  • Sara Gallagher (サラ・ギャラガー Sara Gyaragā?) - #1 of the Five Columns, wielder of the Milky Way Aquamarine (銀河の藍玉 Ginga no Rangyoku?). She first appears in episode 24, bringing gifts to Aries from Zipang. Her robe is batgirl-inspired. Her elements are giant boomerangs. Apart from that, she can make herself invisible. She has a habit of correcting Haruka's mispronunciations.Template:Anime voices
  • Mahya Blythe (マーヤ・ブライス Māya Buraisu?) - #5 of the Five Columns, wielder of the Swirling Dance Fluorite (伶踊の蛍石 Reiyō no Botaruishi?). She first appears in episode 24, arresting Akane after Kazuya was carried away by Cardair forces. She uses a pair of maracas to summon an immense creature composed of sand and earth that fights for her, shaking her maracas and dancing as a way to control the creature. She later appeared in the series to apprehend Akane Soir for her improper sexual conduct. Template:Anime voices

Windbloom Kingdom (ヴィントブルーム王国) Edit

  • Mashiro Blan de Windbloom (マシロ・ブラン・ド・ヴィントブルーム Mashiro Buran Do Vintoburūmu?) - The heir to the throne of Windbloom. She is initially very snobbish and childish, and is at odds with Arika. Template:Anime voices
  • Mikoto (ミコト?) - A fat black cat owned by Mashiro.
  • Sakomizu Cardinal (サコミズ・カージナル Sakomizu Kājinaru?) - Captain of Windbloom's Royal Guards, constantly frustrated by Mashiro's willful antics. Template:Anime voices
  • Aoi Senoh (アオイ・セノー Aoi Senō?) - Mashiro's long-suffering maid who supports her despite her childish behaviors. She is friends - and, it is implied, possibly more than friends - with Chie. Template:Anime voices
  • Mimi (ミミ?) - A young orphaned girl who lives in the slums of Windbloom. She hates Mashiro with a passion, a sentiment shared by many of Windbloom's poorer residents. Template:Anime voices

Artai Principality (アルタイ公国) Edit

  • Nagi Dài Artai (ナギ・ダイ・アルタイ Nagi Dai Arutai?) - The Grand Duke of Artai. He appears to be manipulating political events. He also enjoys teasing Mashiro whom he has a love hate relationship with and tries to actually control of her country. Template:Anime voices
  • Sergay Wáng (セルゲイ・ウォン Serugei Won?) - Commander in the Artai military and Nagi's right-hand man as well as Nina's adoptive father. Years ago, he was in love with Arika's mother, Rena Slayers.Template:Anime voices
  • Tatsuhiko Gorvic Zaycech IV (タツヒコ・ゴロヴィッチ・ザイツェフⅣ世 Tatsuhiko Gorobitchi Zeishefu IV?) - A student from Artai. Template:Anime voices

Aries Republic (エアリーズ共和国) Edit

  • Yukino Chrysant (ユキノ・クリサント Yukino Kurisanto?) - The President of the Aries Republic and Haruka's master. She is assertive and portrays the image of a cool-minded leader. Template:Anime voices
  • Haruka Armitage (ハルカ・アーミテージ Haruka Āmitēji?) - A headstrong and impulsive Meister Otome who wears the Continental Orb Topaz (珠洲の黄玉 Suzu no Kōgyoku?). She has impressive strength and immediately takes a liking to Arika. Template:Anime voices

Aswad (アスワド) Edit

  • Midori (ミドリ?) - Th leader of Aswad. She has a serious personality, but gets along well with the people she leads. Template:Anime voices
  • Rad (ラド Rado?) - A cyborg who works under the command of Midori. He fights with a heavy double-ended spear. Template:Anime voices
  • Lumen (ルーメン Rūmen?) - Another member of Midori's unit, who possesses a man's voice but a woman's body and speech pattern. Lumen fights with long metallic whips. Template:Anime voices
  • Gal (ガル Garu?) - A cyborg skilled with electronics who fights with a chakram, which usually floats above her head like a halo. She speaks using a combination of Japanese and English words. She has motorised skates on her feet and two electronic chords on her head(which can be used to access data). In Zwei, she is referred to as "professor". Template:Anime voices
  • Dyne (ダイン Dain?) - A massive cyborg and part of Midori's team. He fights with a double-ended hammer. Template:Anime voices

Zipang (ジパング) Edit

  • Takumi Tokiha (鴇羽 巧海 頭忠頼 Tokiha Takumi no Kami Tadayori?) - The son of the shogun of Zipang, traveling to Windbloom on a diplomatic mission. He turns out to be in search of Mai Tokiha from Garderobe, his sister who is lost after being torn apart between love and her future as an Otome years ago. Template:Anime voices
  • Akira Okuzaki (尾久崎 晶 Okuzaki Akira?) - Akira is a kunoichi and Takumi's bodyguard. She tries to hide her identity as the king instead because Takumi went missing in Windbloom. Template:Anime voices
  • Iori (伊織?) - Takumi's attendant. Template:Anime voices

Cardair Empire (カルデア帝国) Edit

  • Argos XIV (アルゴス14世 Arugosu 14?) - One of the three emperors of Cardair, who hires Aswad secretly. Template:Anime voices
  • Fiar Grosse (フィア・グロス Fia Gurosu?) - The Excel Elegance White Onyx (塊麗の縞瑪瑙 Kenrei no Shimamenō?), Argos XIV's Otome. She doesn't trust the Aswad, but she is very obedient to her master. Template:Anime voices
  • Kazuya Krau-xeku (カズヤ・クラウゼク Kazuya Kurauzeku?) - A second-year student at Windbloom University, and an heir to one of Cardair's three royal families. He is romantically involved with Akane. Template:Anime voices

Florince (フロリンス) Edit

  • Charles Guinel Roy d'Florince VIII (シャルル・ギュネール・ロイ・デ・フロリンス八世 Sharuru Gyunēru Roi De Furorinsu 8?) - The king of Florince. He seeks a new Otome to replace his retiring Otome, Rosalie. Template:Anime voices
  • Rosalie Claudel (ロザリー・クローデル Rozarī Kurōderu) - The king of Florince's Otome, the Abyssal Green Jadeite (深淵の翡翠 Shin’en no Hisui?). She plans to retire in order to marry. In My Otome Zwei, she appears in the baths with the other girls and confronts Shiho Huit, expressing her dislike for the girl. Her element is a whip. Template:Anime voices

United Kingdom of Lutesia (ルーテシア連合王国) Edit

Lutesia Romulus (ルーテシア・ロムルス) Edit

  • The king of Lutesia Romulus
  • Carla Bellini (カーラ・ベリーニ Kāra Berīni?) - Lutesia Romulus' Otome, the Rumbling Thunder Garnet (雷鳴の柘榴石 Raimei no Zakuroishi?). Template:Anime voices

Lutesia Remus (ルーテシア・レムス) Edit

  • The queen of Lutesia Remus
  • Laula Bianchi (ラウラ・ビアンキ Raura Bianki?) - Lutesia Remus' Otome, the Flowery Splendour Enstatite (絢爛の頑火輝石 Kenran no Gankakiseki?). Template:Anime voices

Annam (アンナン) Edit

  • Nguyen Bao (グエン・バオ Guen Bao?) - The king of Annam. He first appears in episode 21 on a visit to Aries. Template:Anime voices
  • Anh Lu (アイン・ルー Ain Rū?) - Nguyen's Otome and daughter, the Infinite Wisdom Azurite (慧命の藍銅鉱 Emyō no Randōkō?). Famous for being unable to hold her alcohol. Her element is a double-ended halberd. Template:Anime voices

Schwartz (シュヴァルツ) Edit

  • John Smith (ジョン・スミス Jon Sumisu?) - The blond-haired spokesman of Schwartz, an organization dedicated towards using the technology of the past for some as yet unstated goal. Template:Anime voices

Other Edit

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