The Striped Dance / Labyrinth of the Maiden
My-Otome Zwei episode
Japanese DVD cover for Mai-Otome Zwei Volume 3
Episode no. Season OVA
Episode 3
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Original airdate May 25, 2007
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"Premonition of a Storm" "Connecting Dreams"
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"The Striped Dance / Labyrinth of the Maiden " is the third episode of the OVA series My-Otome Zwei and was originally released on May 25, 2007.

Plot Edit

The episode opens with Mashiro, Mai and Mikoto stranded in the Black Valley, which has reappeared on an atoll in the middle of the ocean. As various world leaders gather in Artai for the S.O.L.T., they agree to push the matter aside for now and focus on the current situation.

Meanwhile, Nao and Nina are in the mountains of Artai, following the lead given by Natsuki to investigate the ruins which Nagi Dài Artai had mentioned in the previous episode, in the hope of finding clues which might shed some light on the shadowy figures appearance. The two navigate through the ruins using an old diary of Sergay's (whom Nina is still living with) which documents a past expedition by him. When questioned by Nao, Nina mentions that she has yet to consummate her relationship with Sergay and still has the ability to become an Otome.

Nao and Nina eventually arrive in a library, while Nao searches for clues, Nina comes across a book titled 'The Book of the Sea God' which she picks up, the duo are then immediately attacked by the shadowy figure and as well as a summoned Child. Nao materializes her robe and destroys the Child with her 'Bloody Stripe Circus' attack but is petrified by the shadowy figure. Before she can be attacked, the book Nina is holding glows green and drags her into a portal, teleporting her to where Mai, Mashiro and Mikoto are.

Elsewhere, tendril-like objects (similar to the one in the previous episode) start erupting all over Earl, threating to release Childs at any time. The episode concludes with Mashiro and Ribbon-Chan, one of the Schwartz children, coming across an unconscious Nina, still holding on to the book.